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Review of Best Music Transcription apps in 2019

Music transcription refers to a process of converting music audio into music notes to make it playable on an instrument by a musician. If you are an accomplished musician, you may be able to write down the notes with repeated listening. Inexperienced people might struggle to perform the process of converting music audio notes to music notes. In order to learn a song, they always depend on tablature/sheet music created by others. However, transcribing by ear consumes a lot of time. There are top quality music transcription apps available today that make this process extremely uncomplicated and automatic with the help of most advanced technology. Here is the review of best music transcription apps in 2019:


It is an easy-to-use music transcription app that is specially designed for deciphering music. Being an excellent option for artists, this tool is equipped with a highly dynamic sheet music option that transforms an audio file into a sheet version with great precision. The main window of this app allows access to all settings to process the track in a dedicated section. For previewing the spectrogram in real-time, you can find another area.

Excellent compatibility with a wide variety of file formats

The keys and notes are displayed when you hold the mouse over the relevant section in the status bar. AnthemScore is compatible with all leading audio file formats like MP2, AMR, OGG, WMA, M4A, WAV, AIFF, FLAC and MP3. This app also permits you to export XML or CSV files. Songs can be converted into MIDI and MIDI files can be converted into sheet music as well.

Important features of AnthemScore

Most important features include linking to an external sheet music editor, selecting clefs, lowest and highest note setting, transposing and playback at slower tempo.

The publisher, Lunaverus deserves credit for making this app a dynamic and user friendly one. A song can be processed within 3 to 5 minutes.

The shortcomings of Anthemscore are that it doesnt provide you the chords of the song which is kind of a deal breaker for a person playing the rhythm. Also you need a third party notation software to easily work with the generated output. Also being a desktop application, its not suitable for a large smartphone audience and those who prefer online cloud based applications.


Acousterr is one of most popular music transcription apps available on the market. Its available as a web application on The interface doesn’t make the user confused and you can associate appreciable ease of use with software.

Make music transcription a breeze

Any song can be translated into easily understandable tabs and chords effortlessly with Acousterr. It improves upon the shortcomings of Anthemscore in that, it provides both chords and leads, and also the BPM tempo of a song, and further you can easily visualize the results on their spectrogram editor and finally generate the output in their tab editor - all in their web application without ever needing a third party tool. Being a mobile friendly interface, its an attractive option for smartphone users. You can transcribe clean acoustic guitar, piano and pop songs with vocals in a simple, fast and automatic manner. The transcription technology employed in this app makes music writing highly enjoyable. You can also slow down the tempo and adjust the notes, a song can be exported into their tab maker where saving, editing and playing can be done with absolute ease. This is the only application which transcribes in the form of tabs and not sheet music notation, thus removing the ambiguity in finger positions on fretted instruments.

Important features of Acousterr

This app comes with many attractive features including spectrogram editor, proprietary technology for transcription which tells us not just the notes, but also the chords, which makes it useful for rhythm as well as lead guitarists/pianists. Apart from creation of top quality tablatures you can also enable microphone access and practice it along on your real instruments with real-time feedback. You can ultimately generate output in the form of guitar or piano tabs

Acousterr is easily one of the most effective and advanced music transcription apps available today. This feature-rich and intuitive app is free to use unlike others in this list and writing compositions here can also help you earn money as a musician.


If you are searching for an affordable music notation app, you can choose Sibelius. The interface is user friendly and it has a good selection of composition templates. Navigation becomes an enjoyable experience with Sibelius. They also have an option to transcribe piano tunes and create notation as you play.

Excellent compatibility and cloud sharing

This transcription app is compatible with a broad range of input devices including computer keyboard, MIDI keyboard, virtual guitar fretboard and virtual piano as well. This software is compatible with windows and Mac OSX operating systems. You can easily upload scores to cloud for sharing with other users.

Important features of Sibelius

This app is loaded with some excellent features and they include Flexitime or Step-time, automatic note appearance editing, cloud sharing option, multiple tool palettes and more.

Smooth interface navigation is what most users are taking highly about this app. It also comes with best genre-specific and premade templates.


ScoreCloud is one of the most intelligent music notation software available today. This app performs the process of turning your songs into sheet music immediately. It is available for Mac and Windows operating systems. Ease of use is an important aspect that makes this product immensely popular.

Make music notation an enjoyable experience

Intuitive editing functions makes your task a lot easier and notating music becomes an enjoyable experience with ScoreCloud. No matter whether you are an arranger, composer, student, teacher, choir member or a band owner; you can find this tool extremely interesting.

Important features of ScoreCloud

ScoreCloud is equipped with some appreciable features and they include power editing, multiple output formats, sync across a wide arrange of devices, audio and MIDI transcription, local saving and many more.

This app allows you to transcribe monophonic or polyphonic instrument live recording into sheet music in an effortless way. You can have great fun while using ScoreCloud and you can scribble absent-mindedly with musical ideas whenever you want.


Do you want to get instant chords for any song you prefer? You can use Chordify to transform any type of music into chords effortlessly. Cutting edge technology is employed to offer the best experience for users. Usability and simplicity are two important aspects that help Chordify stand out among competitors.

Best app for musicians at all levels

This app is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Chords can be transposed easily and you can slow down songs to keep up. For jamming like a professional, it allows you to loop tricky parts. Musicians at all levels can make use of this Chordify to learn and play music based on their unique preferences and interests.

Important features of Chordify

You can find innovative useful features on Chordify and they include cross platform library integration, seamless integration with YouTube, animated views for ukulele, piano and guitar, personal library, curated content and precise chords for any song.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing a music transcription app. However, these are the best music transcription apps available in 2019. You can choose the most suitable one based on your needs, preferences and skill levels. This review follows an unbiased approach to help the reader take most suitable decision.

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